Who Are The Owners Of Aero Health and Fitness

Steve Grant
February 14, 2023
Who Are The Owners Of Aero Health and Fitness

Denise Miccoli and Steven Grant. They are the drive, direction, foundation, and engine behind Aero Health and Fitness as you know it today. A dynamic husband and wife team.

They both have unique backgrounds and life history. Denise began her adult career as an IT professional in the corporate world. Steven began his adult career as a welder and pipe fabricator. Ha, very different than where they are today…. To say the least.Denise started off in the corporate world as an IT Professional utilizing her Math and Computer Science degree. She climbed the ladder as a consultant working for various prestigious companies and found herself putting in 60 plus hours a week while constantly being on call. While the work was mentally challenging and lucrative and she earned respect in her field, she knew in her heart that it was not fulfilling. Despite the long hours, she was dedicated to being at the gym when it opened each morning (4:30AM!). She was pretty much a cardio bunny and until her perspective changed when she saw a trainer working with a woman who was clearly fit and strong. Shortly after, she started working with that same trainer and started to feel the benefits of strength training. The sessions also ignited a passion for helping others feel the same way she was beginning to feel. She continued training and came to a crossroads right before the birth of her first child. Something nagged on her to take a leap. After her son was born she left the corporate world, immersed herself in learning, got certified and began working with clients one on one. Over time she took on small groups. One certification turned into many in the field of exercise and nutrition. Eventually she started yearning to learn something totally new and began working out at Aero Health and Fitness. She found strength and abilities she didn’t know she had and also found the community feel and the energy she was trying to create. It has been almost 4 years since taking a bigger leap to ownership of Aero Health and Fitness. Denise continues to expand her education and is now a Level 2 CrossFIt Trainer. She is in daily pursuit of knowledge to make it the best hour of each athlete’s day.Steven found himself drawn to the “beach body, bodybuilder” look when he was 18. Feeling scrawny and weak, he decided to begin going to the gym 5x’s a week with a friend. It wasn’t about a healthy lifestyle back then, it was all about looking better and being as big and strong as possible. Working out and eating healthy to achieve his goals became the norm. After moving to Florida, leaving his welding career behind, he began working at a World Gym, doing anything and everything, learning everything he could from other bodybuilders and personal trainers. Soon after he took an interest in helping others get in shape, and became a Personal Trainer. Fast forward 25 years, his love for fitness, health, wellness, and helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle have grown. Certified Lifestyle Educator with Metagenics, Health Angel Practitioner, various fitness and wellness certifications, Currently an L2 Coach with CrossFit with an extensive background in alternative and progressive health and nutrition practices, he is always learning and growing his knowledge to improve his abilities to help others live their best lives.

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