How To Recover From an Injury...

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
How To Recover From an Injury...

How To Recover from an Injury..

They don’t happen a lot and we spend so much time scaling and modifying workouts to help prevent as many injuries as possible. But it can happen.Most people’s body don’t work properly and haven’t for years and years. In many cases we see someone get hurt and it’s an injury they’ve actually had for a while but it never presented because their body was compensating for it. When they started teaching their body how to do things properly again, the pain started because the proper movement was restored and the injury presented itself.This is not about getting injured though. This is about being in the right mindset when it happens. Do you want to be ready to handle an injury with your body primed for recovery? Would you rather your body be out of shape and unable to heal quickly and completely?What about after an injury, will you have the same level of ability you had before? After many injuries, people tend to have compensation pain and could possibly injure a different part of the body because they’ve not kept the other parts of their body healthy.Step one. Don’t stop working out!I hope you belong to a fitness program that has good coaching because you need to keep working on your fitness.In our gym, we spend a huge amount of time training our coaches on how to modify and help our members work around any issues or restrictions they may have. It’s super disappointing to have a member disappear for 3 weeks then have them tell you they had a knee or shoulder issue so they stopped coming in.That’s the worse thing you could do……. One thing is hurt. There are still dozens of other parts of your body that need training. Remember the 10 components of fitness? because you’re dealing with a bad shoulder doesn’t mean you stop needing to work on everything else.Just to give you an idea of some of the things we’ve helped people work around and even improved.

People come to us with all sorts of movement issues, lack of flexibility, injuries and imbalances that will lead to injury. It’s our job to help them get around and through them.We can make the program work for you, but you have to show up. An injury is not a reason to stop coming in. If anything it’s more of a reason why you need to come in.If you don’t belong to a program that has coaches to guide you, then make a change as soon as possible. Coaching is a critical aspect of helping you be as successful as you can possibly be. You aren’t a trained professional why try and do it on your own?Seek professional Guidance for your Injury, just as you seek guidance from our professional coaches for your fitness. Click HERE to schedule a discovery session with Sharon Wisnewski from "Authentic Self PT" our in house Professional Physical Therapist.The Crew at Aero Health and Fitness

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