Is Anger Cancer of The Soul?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Is Anger Cancer of The Soul?

Is Anger Cancer of The Soul?Have you ever been angry at someone? Been wronged by your parents, brother/sister, friend, or foe?Of course you have!It’s pretty normal to feel anger, in fact it’s easier these days to be angry, so many opportunities each and every day. Stress levels are high, we don’t eat or sleep well, no exercise, money is tight, our coworkers suck, our boss is uptight, drivers well don’t know how to drive, our spouse is annoying, kids won’t sit still for a second… and the list goes on and on….Why am I talking about this?Anger is the cancer of your soul. If left unchecked, it will eat away at who you are until one day you’re so far gone you have no joy, you become unreachable and you don’t even know it….. Anger is irrational.Being in an angry state raises our blood pressure, increases our resting heart rate, disrupts sleep, makes us irritable and moody, creates indigestion, headaches, the list goes on. (Have any of these?)How do I stop being angry at someone or something? FORGIVENESS….. And Focus“WHAT? Forgive that jerk who was unjust to me? They Don’t deserve it!” you say….You are right, they don’t deserve it, in fact they probably don’t even know that you are angry at them or hurt by what they did…..And You have every right to be angry, that’s ok.This isn’t about them…This is all about you and your life. That anger is YOUR Cancer, not theirs. Forgiveness is the only way to get rid of that potential cancer. You forgive them for you, not them. When you realize that your soul is in jeopardy, and if you continue down that road of resentment and passive-aggressiveness, it’s easy. You have control over you and you alone. If you remain angry you have given up control.Take ResponsibilityWork on this, it's like a muscle, in the beginning, it's very challenging. Give it a try on something small. You are responsible for you, not anyone else. It is a choice to remain angry, it is a choice to forgive.

Stop Feeding the Cancer!

Steve G

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