We Share Success...

Steve Grant
February 14, 2023
We Share Success...

We Share Success...

The first rule of Aero Health and Fitness is, “Talk about Aero Health and Fitness”.

We have a mission to effect change in Mahwah and make it a more fit, healthier city. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the most amazing people in the area and have tremendous success helping them live better lives.

We are the place where working hard for your physical freedom is fun and you can be happy throughout the whole process! We are the Happy Gym. Just ask anyone you know that works with us.

You may see us post all the time on social media or watch all our videos on You Tube and wonder why we put so much out there. You may have a friend who talks all the time about how much fun they have and how you should come try it out. They’re always talking about Thrusters, and Pull-ups, and Burpees, and you’re wondering if they learned another language.

Why do we talk about what we do? Why does your friend keep telling you how cool the program is?

People, Community, Support, and Growth

In order to accomplish our mission we need to change people’s lives. We can’t do that if people don’t know they have a way to make those changes and a group of people that want to help.

The absolute core, low down, bottomline secret to our ability to help people change their lives, comes from the people in the program who support, encourage, and lift each other up. Without the support group of people who are going through the same things you’re going through, the journey is a lot harder.

Success for one person generates excitement and pride that spreads to others. Your friend is coming from the same places you are and seeing good things happen. They care about you and want you to have the same success.

The more people we have sharing the experience, the more people we have sharing the experience. See what I did there? More is better, for you and everyone else you support, encourage, and set an example for.

We are the Happy Gym. Welcome to the family.

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