The I'm Too "Old" Excuses

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
The I'm Too "Old" Excuses

The I'm too "Old" Excuses....

“I used to be able to…”, “I can’t do that…”, or the really good one, “I don’t need to go that hard anymore.”These are answers to the question,…What are common phrases I hear from people in the 40’s and 50’s whenever I talk to them about improving their fitness?I’m on the other side of 40. I’m in good shape. I work hard to keep myself fit because it lets me do things that I want to do. I never have to miss out on an opportunity because I’m not physically fit enough to do it.It’s not about recapturing my youth. It’s not about working out hard for the sake of being “hardcore”. It is definitely not about intensity for intensity sake.It’s about 3 things.

  1. Physical Freedom
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Looking good for my wife 😉

Seriously though the first two are the real deal, the third one is just icing on the cake.I’ve talked to so many people who off-handedly discount their own health on the basis of past accomplishments and their perceived inability to reach those levels again. It’s such a depressing state of mind. Halting your future by holding onto your past….Where you are today and what you could do to improve your health and fitness has nothing to do with what’s happened to you in the past. The whole idea of fitness is improving your ability to do work. Nothing says it needs to be compared to anything you’ve done before.“I used to be able to squat 400 pounds. I can barely squat 200 pounds now before my knees start hurting.” ….is NOT a reason to not work out. It’s a reason you SHOULD be doing something to improve your ability to do things.“I used to hit the gym hard and I played soccer for years. Now I have a bad hip, or bad knees, or a bad back, or bad ankles….so I “can’t” do anything to stay in shape anymore.” …This is an excuse, not a reality. The reason you don’t do anything is that it may not be at the same performance level as it once was.We’re older and our bodies are changing. It takes longer and twice the work to build muscle. It takes longer to recover after working hard. We have to watch our nutrition more closely. Once we hit 40, TIME is working against us. The LAST thing we want to do is let it wear us down without a fight.Starting a fitness routine should be challenging. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t help you improve. The act of exercising is something you do based on where you are right now. Not where you were 20 years ago. So you’ve had a hip or knee replacement. Get someone to help you work with that and get better. Learn how to push yourself for the sake of your health, not for the sake of your pride.You’ll never be 25 again. You may never have a six-pack. You’ll probably never squat 400 pounds. You can enjoy more activities, have more energy, be more full of life and vitality, and live a longer more adventurous life.Isn’t that worth 3-5 hours a week?No more excuses. Let’s get together and set some goals to help you get that self-confidence and freedom you deserve.Take the first step... Schedule your No Sweat Intro today, Click HERE

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