Fitness Over 40 “The Secret to Losing Weight”

February 14, 2023
Fitness Over 40 “The Secret to Losing Weight”

There ARE shortcuts to fitness and weight loss. But there are also a ton of lies out there.

#1 The biggest reason for failure is everyone is looking for a quick fix, and the programs chosen are not sustainable. 

#2 The second biggest reason is most do not stick with anything long enough for it to work.

When can a shortcut help us and when does it hurt us? Here’s a four-question test that I took from Seth Godin’s blog.

  1. Is it repeatable? Can I keep doing this for a long time, or is it a crash diet?
  2. Is it non-harmful? What are the downstream effects on my health?
  3. Is it additive? Will it improve over time?
  4. Can it survive the crowd? Does it have to be a secret?

Lets dig into each one.

First, is it Repeatable? Ask yourself is this something I can do over and over again, easily. How much effort does it take and can anyone do it? (Eating grapefruit for breakfast lunch and dinner is not repeatable for very long)

If you cant do it for the rest of your life, it's probably not going to work out very well and you end up back where you started.

Second, Is it Non Harmful? Will this hurt me, short term or long term… What are the potential side effects or actual side effects? There are many “Diet Pills” out there, most cause more damage than good. Most can have catastrophic effects on your filter systems, i.e liver and kidneys. What are the ingredients, are their artificial sweeteners and other things that are just not natural? Most manufactured foods and “diet” products are heavily processed and have no real nutritional value.

Third, Is it Additive?  When you begin to use it, does it have long term positive effects? The longer you use it, the more the positive effects can be seen. I.e drinking 20oz water every morning before you start your day has a cumulative positive effect of being hydrated.

Fourth, Can it Survive the Crowd? Fads and popular things at some point become unpopular… Most things have been rebranded and presented as something new, but in fact it's been played over and over. Generally the things that work really well are not that popular. The simple way of eating, “Stay on the perimeter of the grocery store when shopping” is so simple, but most wont follow that rule of thumb because it's not popular! “K.I.S.S” program.

So What's the Secret to losing weight? Sorry, there isn't any, but the solutions are simple, and effective. I didnt say they were “easy”. I know, I know, you want the easy way, but there isnt an easy way. Oh wait I forgot, there is…. Liposuction and invasive surgeries. You could go that route, but it also has a shelf life and a boat load of side effects and potential problems, most of which materialize.

The most effective way to lose weight is to find a simple program that doesnt starve you, fill you full of chemicals, and eliminates entire food groups. 

A “diet” (i.e. way of eating) that you can do for the rest of your life and can fit into every aspect of your life. Wherever you go, at home, at work, on vacation, in another country. Etc. Eat whole foods, low sugar, low starch, veggies, clean meats and fats, nuts and seeds, and a lot of H2O! And stick with the program, don't keep changing things because you're not getting where you want to be fast enough.

It took you years to get where you are, it's going to take years to reset and create a balanced healthy life. It's a “lifestyle”. Not a fad. Do you want to be in control of your health and weight? Or ride a rollercoaster of fatness and sickness? 

Eat To Live OR Live To Eat. The latter will keep you fat and sick. Your choice.

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