How Can I Get In 1 Hour of Exercise in My Busy Life?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
How Can I Get In 1 Hour of Exercise in My Busy Life?

How Do I get in 1 hour of exercise?It's simple, you plan for it!But you say, "I'm too busy", "I work too much", "my kids need...", "It's not convenient", "exercise isnt for me", "I'm not an athlete..", "I'm scared I might get hurt", "it's to expensive", and the list goes on.... These are all excuses, not reasons. When you make excuses, your mind does not look for solutions, it takes the easy way out. If you see these obstacles but you have determined this is something you must do, you will find ways to make it happen.Our minds are trained to look for the path of least resistance, AND we are hard wired to avoid pain. Exercise can be painful, especially in the beginning days, more so if we haven't done anything physical in years. So how does one get started?

  1. Decide to decide. Figure out why it is important for you to get moving and taking control of your life. Look at the possible (and likely) consequences of not taking care of yourself. See your future as a sick person, needing drugs and assistance from others to get around. Paint a vivid picture for yourself. Then...
  2. Meet with a professional. Talk about your why, and let them help you figure out the How.
  3. Mark off on your calendar 1 Hour, 3 days per week. Nothing gets in the way of that hour.
  4. Commit to 90 Days. (it takes about this time to make something a habit)
  5. Track your daily progress, what you eat, how you feel, your sleep. (Get a notebook or use an app) no excuse here....
  6. Start reading. (preferably books with tools that can help make you a better person) - Choose 1 Book. (see list at bottom for guidance)
  7. After 90 Days, revisit your goals, talk to your coach, focus on the bright spots, and set new goals.
  8. Repeat

In order for real change to happen, we must create new habits. Our current habits have gotten us where we are today, so they wont work. We can't just take things away, we must replace them. And only work on one habit at a time, more than that and you will be ovewhelmed, frustrated and most likely quit. Keep it simple. Here's an example, if you normally get up in the morning and I have a cup of coffee before anything, replace that with a 15oz glass of water, then drink your coffee. See, simple! That's it, go about your day, and repeat that new habit the next morning."What about all the other stuff?" "I want to lose 50lbs!" Thats great, write that down, and describe how you feel in your current state and how you will feel without that 50lbs. And get up the next morning and drink that water, (or whatever new habit you replaced the old with) Start small, be consistent with the easy stuff, then once you've mastered those, move to another, and another. Look at this in a years time, if youve replaced one habit per month, over 12 months, your results will be exponential. (12 new habits and you hardly even think about them)Enjoy your new year, Decide to Decide. Then seek help.Steve GBook IdeasThe Noticer by Andy AndrewsThe Seven Decisions by Andy AndrewsThe Greatest Salesman In the World by Og MandinoThe Power Of Moments by Chip and Dan HeathMake Your Bed by Admiral William H. McravenThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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