Lee Weber

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Lee Weber

I have to brag a bit about Lee, she is a Superintendent of schools, a Mom and Wife. She comes to Aero Health and Fitness with a smile and a willingness to work hard.She has been coachable and teachable and has made great accomplishments in her fitness. Even with her busy professional schedule, she finds time for herself and has become a great part of the community here."Before CFM I ran a couple of half marathons and while my cardio was good, it was a struggle to carry a case of water from the car to the kitchen.2+ years into CFM just 3x/wk and participating in the nutrition Bootcamp, I’ve made wonderful friends, am able to alleviate stress in a really productive way, I no longer struggle to carry a case of water, can do anything my kids can do, and NOT ONE pair of pants fits me that I was wearing 2 years ago."

Lisa Gravitz Weber

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