Why is Goal Setting Important?

February 15, 2023
Why is Goal Setting Important?

This month, chances are good that you’ve read or heard about us wanting to do member check-ins with you all. Dee sent out a survey to get your feedback on opening and current goals and things to think about.

Goal setting is an integral part of the foundation of what we do. 

Gym owners, well all business owners really, are famous for thinking that if we’ve said something one time that everyone heard it, remembers it, and thinks about it all the time. Not the case at all.

So, why should you care about participating?

If you aren’t focused and working towards something, you’ll always be searching for the ‘next thing’ and a year from now you’ll be right where you are.

Perhaps you set a goal and reached it – we want to celebrate that with you!! We also want to help you lay out a plan for your next goal. We do these in 3-month chunks of time. Why? 90-days is the sweet spot when it comes to setting, and attaining, a goal. It’s a long enough time to make it a challenge, but short enough that you can see the finish line.

Never set a goal before? GREAT! There is no time like the present and that’s what we’re here for. (And yes, just showing up consistently is a fantastic goal to have!)

We are looking forward to hearing your next mountain to climb and helping you reach the summit.

Steve and Dee

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