Steve Grant
February 15, 2023

Ever wonder how someone can get strong enough to lift 400lbs off the floor? How about fast enough to run a mile in 4 minutes? How is it possible for any normal person to get so good at something they become extraordinary at it?It’s a simple concept. The secret to losing weight, building muscle, getting better at pull-ups, or any other goal or benchmark you want to set for yourself is simple. What’s the one thing most goals have in common?It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following a fitness program for 6 years, or 6 days, we set goals as targets to get us to accomplish something we have never done before. You’ve never been able to bench press 150lbs. That’s why it’s a goal. We don’t set goals for things we can already do, that would be silly.Take second and think about that for a second.No, really stop reading, and think about that. Your goals can only be reached by you doing something you’ve never done before….Why do you work out with the same weights, speed, or intensity every class? When was the last time you tried to go faster, heavier, or do a more complex version of an exercise?Too often we focus on the big thing and forget the little steps that get us there. “I can’t do a pull-up yet, I’ll just use this green band….” We forget there are different bands for a reason.You cannot make progress towards something you’ve never done without the work also being something you’ve never done.Don’t get me wrong, I know you work hard. Have you ever thought you could have done more work?After the workout have you thought you may have had a little more in the tank?When it’s time to eat, have you ever said, “just this once”?After a workout, have you stayed and done the extra credit or homework your coach has given you?During the workout, did you grab the big green band and knock out a bunch of pull-ups, or did you grab the blue band and struggle to get 2 or 3?Sport science geek out:In order to get better, you have to implement a principle called Progressive Overload in all your workouts.The principle of Progressive Overload states that: In order for a muscle to grow, strength to be gained, performance to increase, or for any similar improvement to occur, the human body must be forced to adapt to a tension/stress that is above and beyond what it has previously experienced. line, in order to get better you have to consistently do more. What does that mean?It’s different for everyone. It depends on your goals and where you’re coming from. A brand new person, just getting started, coming to a class or personal training session 3 times a week could be that extra they need to see progress. For someone who’s been following a program for a while, it might be more specific, like going faster, heavier, or more complex. Everyone is different.It doesn’t have to be leaps and bounds. I’m not talking about adding 50lbs and making everything as hard as possible. I’m talking about baby steps, little advancements that move you in the direction you want to go.The principle of Progressive Overload just says “above and beyond”, not how much. Consistently adding 1lb, 1 rep, or doing the work 10 seconds faster will give you AMAZING results if you do it consistently.How do you know when you’re ready for the next level?You won’t know if you can do more until you try to do more.If you never try that pull-up how do you know how close you are to getting it? If you don’t attempt to pull that 400lbs off the floor, you’ll never do it.A bat never swung is a ball never hit.This is where your coaches can help A LOT. Ask them where they think you are and what you can do to get the progressive overload in your workouts. They will make sure to help you increase your intensity in a way that works best for you. Safety, technique, and consistency are always filters we use to set your intensity level.Keep working hard and remember to take a chance on yourself every once in a while.You can do more than you think you can. You just have to try.Think you’re ready to try something new and open the doors to a version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be? Set up an appointment to come talk with us. We’ll help you figure out the best way to get you there.Schedule your Free "No Sweat" Intro HERE-The Crew at Aero Health and Fitness

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