Which Fitness Program Will Give Me The Best Results?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Which Fitness Program Will Give Me The Best Results?

Which fitness program will give me the best results?

It depends, but first and foremost, the one you stick with and are consistent with will provide the best results.

There are countless options available these days. Which one is best for me?

Where to Begin...
Let’s start by asking a few questions about who we are and what we want to accomplish.

  1. Lose Body Fat, build muscle, look better naked, fit into a smaller dress size or pant size, impress my friends, get huge arms, get strong…..
  1. Feel better about me, improve self-confidence, feel sexy, improve your energy, feel capable again, accomplish a goal, be a part of something….

Be Specific
Paint the best picture of where you want to be, how it will make you feel and look and then put a timeframe on it, When do you want to achieve these goals? The more clear you are here, the better chance you have to get started (the hardest part) and keep going.

The How/Where
Here is where your head will start to spin. There are no shortage of programs and fitness centers (gyms, studios, modalities, diet programs) If you live in the metropolitan area (NJ, NYC) within 10 miles of your home is more than 100 choices.

Keep it simple.
Here are the 4 Keys to your success

  1. Nutrition Coaching & Guidance (steer away from quick fixes, focus on habits)
  2. Professional Fitness Coaches/Personal Trainers (work one on one or in a group setting, who can provide specific guidance, and direction, attentive and focused while keeping you safe)
  3. An Organized Plan, tailored to your goals and needs, with staff who care about your goals, follow up and make adjustments along the way.
  4. Training Protocol, that covers ALL areas of fitness and is always different. (not random, but ever-changing with purpose and design)

Get to it, commit to 90 days; creating a new routine and making this a part of your lifestyle. Your life depends on it.

Building The Best Version Of You
Steve Grant

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