“Fitness Over 40” - Is it too late to start?

February 14, 2023
“Fitness Over 40” - Is it too late to start?

The short answer, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!

Our bodies age, we are dying from the day we are born (morbid, but true). The focus here is all about “Quality”. That's quality of life. We as humans are infatuated with staying young. We are fighting this every day of our lives, but It’s a battle you will not win!

We age, we get old, we “slow down”, but we can do it gracefully or we can struggle and suffer. It's a choice, and you can improve how you feel and look at any point in your life. 

I started when I was 20. I began thinking about the consequences of aging and what I could start doing then, that would potentially set me up to live a long energized productive life physically and mentally.

Pro Tip #1 - Every morning when you wake up, before you do anything else, drink 20oz-25oz of good clean water. Water is the elixir of youth! One of the things I've been doing since I was 20 years old…….  "Importance of Water"

Now lets talk about getting started in an exercise routine. You say "I Don't Have Time!" Start small, two days a week, after you wake up and drink your water, do 25 Push ups, 25 Squats, 25 sit ups. That's it! Keep it simple. Do that for a couple weeks until it becomes a habit. You will feel better every day you do it.

What is this going to do for you? Regardless of age, your body will begin to improve and increase your muscle tone, hormones will be released that make you feel good, and mentally you feel better because you start your day accomplishing something. Stop reading and do thse three exercises now as fast as you can! 

How Do you feel?? Energized right?? Yes you do! 

If you want more exercise and some basic routine, visit us at www.aerohealthandfitness.com and scroll down to the bottom. Grab our 15 Free At Home Workouts.

Enjoy your life, start feeling better, improve the quality of your life today! You CAN do it!

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