What is Processed Food?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
What is Processed Food?

What is processed food?

In my last article, we talked about eating healthy and the easiest way to go about achieving success. I mentioned about food processing and food modification.

What is Food processing:
Any modification made to natural food. Here is a shortlist of “natural” foods.
Chicken, beef, fish, vegetables including potatoes, grains, legumes, fruits, raw honey, herbs and spices (plant-based food). It’s a pretty short list.

But, there are thousands of food products on the market, how is this possible?

Processing and manufacturing
Food companies design their food products to make them more “saleable”. They solve the problem of being hungry and just like any business when you solve a problem you earn money. The company must sell their product to the consumer in order to make a profit. How a company goes about this and what they put in their product will be determined by many factors. (another topic entirely..)

Levels of Food Processing
Slight changes i.e. Roasting an almond from its raw state. Then press it to make almond butter and adding salt for flavor.

Medium changes i.e. Oats made with sugars, flavorings and preservatives and placed in a single-serve pack

Extensive changes i.e. Fat-Free Sugar-Free Cookies, list of ingredients to long to even count, most of which you can not pronounce.

Limit Your Intake
The higher the level of processing, the further from real it becomes, making it less useful and valuable to your body. Consistent consumption over time can lead to a multitude of health issues.

To Learn More - Schedule Time with a professional Nutrition Coach.

Written By
Steve G Grant

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