Can You Do CrossFit if You’re Overweight?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Can You Do CrossFit if You’re Overweight?

Fear no more, CrossFit gets you fit. Whether you are overweight, underweight, athlete, non-athlete, it doesn't matter, show up, pay attention, listen to the coach and the progressions they teach you and learn to MOVE better before anything else.Don’t use being “overweight” as an excuse to not start. It may slow you down at first, others may be doing better than you, moving faster, lifting more weight, completing movements you can only dream about. THAT’S OK. Everyone Starts SomewhereThe time will pass anyway. Dig in, find that all-important “why”, write it down and tell the world what your plans are. At your local CrossFit facility, workouts are programmed for you and led by coaches who want to see you succeed and other friendly members who know just how you feel.Someone Just Like YouAlicia came in and sat down with us for her Free No Sweat Intro. Scared, timid, overweight, feeling sluggish and concerned. She was struggling with low energy and the inability to play with her grandkids. Concerned that CrossFit was going to be too hard, or too intense for her and that she might fail. New Found LifeShe jumped in, started her 90 Day Fitness Experience at Aero Health and Fitness and hasn't looked back. Did she fail, or struggle, yes, but she is using that as fuel to keep her going. Losing weight, more energy to play with her grandkids and loving her new life.How Do I Get Started?Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro and start Building The Best Version of You!Click Here To Schedule Today

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