The Silver Lining

February 15, 2023
The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining

These are unique times, to say the least. No one in our time has experienced anything like this. A pandemic of a global scale. Covid19 will be written in our history books, to be remembered. 

Our world has been turned upside down. Each and every one of us is affected. Everything has all but stopped. Vegas is empty, malls are closed, highways are empty, beaches are closed, the economy is in shambles, jobs being lost, life as we knew it has been put on hold. Terrible you say, maybe, maybe not….

The Silver Lining...

For many, both parents are home with their kids for the first time, we are spending more time with each other as families. We are not rushed off to work or late for a meeting, or stuck in traffic. We are left to rediscover who we are. We are “stuck” at home. We are adapting to the new normal at a record pace.

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This to shall pass. Will we remember a year from now when we are back to “Normal” what happened here in March of 2020. Maybe, maybe not. Who will you become?

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