Why Do We Celebrate The CrossFit Open?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Why Do We Celebrate The CrossFit Open?

Why do we celebrate the CrossFit Open?

First, what is the CrossFit Open… Once every year (twice this year, but that's another topic) CrossFit HQ organizes a global fitness event called the “Open”. It is a celebration of health and fitness for every individual participating. Young and old, the super fit and not so fit. It doesn't matter. “Celebration” and “Participation” is the key.Why does CrossFit HQ do this? One of the reasons is for those professional CrossFit athletes (less than 1%) who are working to make it to the SuperBowl of competitions, the CrossFit Games. The winner from each country from all 5 Open Events gets a ticket to the CrossFit Games.What about the other 99%? The rest of us…. We participate for all kinds of reasons, all are personal and unique to each of us. We all have our own victories and failures within the Open. There are more wins than losses. Just getting up the courage to participate is a win for many, some it's just completing a workout, others like to beat their friends. Whatever YOUR reason is, your “why”, it is yours and yours alone. Let's not forget the value of the CrossFit Community; the energy, fun, friendships, health, fitness, moving better, staying alive, competition, growth, success, commitment, joy, motivation, family, quality of life, and many more. Think back for a moment and recall your why, re-evaluate your why today and keep moving forward. Then take the opportunity to cheer on another, high five them for a job well done. We all need a lift sometimes.Building The Best Version Of YouSteve G

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