Camille Kuciej

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Camille Kuciej

This is me before Aero Health and Fitness and here is what sparked my desire to Build the Best Version Of Myself.My brother said this to me during one of the last conversations we had before he passed away from kidney failure brought on by diabetes. ​“I guess I did this to myself, don’t be like me.” He was 56. I was at my heaviest and starting to have real trouble moving around physically, after my last physical, my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. This was my rock bottom and I was desperate to do something. I saw a Facebook post for CrossFit offering a six-week women-only transformation. I signed up for my interview with Denise. Walking into the gym my anxiety went through the roof. When I saw Denise, "how could she ever coach someone like me?" I thought for sure she would look at me with disgust thinking how could you let yourself go like this? After all, that’s how I looked at myself when I looked in the mirror. I believe the first thing I said to her was “I don’t think I belong here.” She looked at me and said “You absolutely belong here” She could not have been more supportive and sweet... I signed up and even though all the workouts had to be scaled to my physical capabilities I loved every workout. After completing the six-week course I signed up for a three-time a week membership. After a year of this, I converted to unlimited and participated in the Nutritional Boot camp course where I learned some great tips and methods of changing my eating habits, as well as, how I think about eating and myself. No more negative thoughts!​It’s been a little over two years and so far I have lost a bit over 50lbs and 25 inches and my sugar is no longer an issue. I still have to scale the workouts but I’ve managed to RX a few. One of the greatest things about Aero Health and Fitness along with the coaches are the other athletes. I have never felt judged for my lack of ability and the amount of encouragement and a celebratory atmosphere when you achieve a new skill or complete a workout is something you will not find in any big box gym.

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