Tara Goldman

February 15, 2023
Tara Goldman

I always worked out. Whether it was a spin class, yoga, or strength bootcamp, you name the class, I tried it. I spent my 20s taking 60 min classes in NYC 5-6 days a week and thought “I’m in pretty good shape”. I was exhausted running around to different studios, alone not really knowing another soul in class, and still wasn’t satisfied with how I felt and looked. Fast forward to moving to the suburbs and baby #1. I couldn’t shed the last 20lbs of baby weight (I gained 50 lbs!) and didn’t know anyone as new home owners. I tried to keep up with my gym classes but either the schedule didn’t work with mine (I still commute to NYC) or I wasn’t seeing results the way I had pre-baby. One morning on my commute into NYC I saw an ad for Aero Health and Fitness. It took me 6 months before I reached out to schedule my free trial class. While I was looking for a new workout option to help me shed the baby weight, I didn’t realize I’d find so much more. The small group training and coaching really gives you a personal training feel. The movements and constantly changing workouts continue to challenge each person, wherever he/she is on her journey (you can scale ANYTHING!). My proudest moment was figuring out how to do a pull-up for the first time in my life 2 years in. I never felt so strong as when my chin got above that bar and I wasn’t assisted by a band or a machine that supports your body weight. Aero Health and Fitness is not just another gym where you come and go on your own. It’s a community that’s akin to family. We are there for our fellow members when they get married, have babies, celebrate birthdays and also when they are sick, dealing with grief, or just need to chat about a bad day. It’s more than a gym. We found our best friends here.Four years later, not only have my husband and I gotten in the strongest shape of our lives but our kids feel at home here too. I love that they are growing up knowing that movement and feeling strong should be part of our lives

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