Do you Exercise or Train, what's the difference?

February 15, 2023
Do you Exercise or Train, what's the difference?

Not many think about this, but you should. Why? 

First lets get a better understanding of the two concepts. 

Exercise can be considered just about any kind of movement, from walking the dog to running a couple miles, to doing yard work to pushing some weight on a machine at a gym and everything in between. Most “exercise”, to some extent. No plan....

Training will encompass a myriad of different types of exercise, wrapped around a goal or a focused objective. There is a plan and purpose to what you are doing. It is not just some random movement.

Which one will get better results?
Training will get better long term results. When you have a tangible goal, a plan to reach that goal, a professional coach to guide you and be your filter, your results will be more consistent and, because it's measurable you can make adjustments to improve your results over time.

Which one is easier?
Exercise is easier. Because it requires little to no commitment, no planning and is easy to  jump from one thing to another, with that comes this feeling of progress.

How do I go from Exercise to Training?
A solid, tangible goal is step number one. Dig deep within this goal, get emotional about it, how will it change your life, how will it benefit you. List at least 5 things. 

Second, put a timeframe on it, it can be aggressive but it shouldn't be something that stresses you out.

Third, set smaller goals, milestone along the way. 

Hiring a professional coach is the best route, they can be your filter and guide.


Dig deep into the how. Mind you the later can be very challenging and defeating due to the overwhelm of information available to you.

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