So what's the big deal about Personal Training?

February 15, 2023
So what's the big deal about Personal Training?

WHAT? One on One attention. It's all about you! Who wouldn't want that?

Well ok, it’s not for everyone. 

I guess some of us just lumber along, not sure if we will ever reach our fitness goals. Maybe we really don't have any goals, just kind of showing up, exercising and feeling a little better than yesterday. That's perfectly ok. But at some point, you'll arrive at a crossroads. 

“This isnt so fun any more.” “Im bored”, “what am I really doing this for?” “My friends are going out to party tonight, ahh, I can miss a day, then two, three”, “my kids need me to make dinner”, etc….

Alright folks, Ive been there. I know how you feel. 

This is where a Coach, One on One can really help you succeed. The voice of reason, the cheering section when no one else is around. 

Coaches, help and guide people to succeed. Your needs are different than the next guy/gal. Individualized attention, focus just on you and your goals can be life changing.

These are difficult times, staying healthy is a top priority to your survival, literally! You are worth it, but it seems like you have forgotten who is important and why…. People depend on you.

If you have read this far, great! Reach out, and we will give you 30 minutes of our time to start you on a new path. Email us at,  mention this article and tell us what you want to work on.

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