Is Joining a CrossFit Gym Worth the $$$?

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Is Joining a CrossFit Gym Worth the $$$?

Is Joining a CrossFit gym worth the $$$?

It depends...(I’ll let you decide)First things first, there are over 15,000 CrossFit Affiliate worldwide. Each one is individually owned and operated. They are NOT a franchise. Each “Box” will be different. This difference is the separator.” Why” you ask….well the founder Greg Glassman didn’t want to lock owners down to a one-way mentality as well as provide a low barrier to start an affiliate. The CrossFit methodology is taught to all owners, (the only requirement to have an affiliate is to go through their CrossFit Level one)That being said, this opens the door to a wide variety of gyms labeled CrossFit. Many of the original CrossFit gyms were usually found in an industrial park, dark, dirty and dingy, with fit, sweaty, competitive members. Ready and willing to do anything you threw at them (Early adopters)NOW… fast forward 10 years, things have changed. (for some)The fitness space has filled up with every type of HIIT training, boutique/niche training, bootcamp, etc.. Competition you say?... Not really. The biggest differentiator is the attention to professional coaching found in most CrossFit Gyms, compared to the “other guys”. This is what you are paying for. A one on one “feel” in a group setting. Along with understanding the attention and experience extend beyond that one hour class. Some CrossFit owners have created an extremely professional space, including Personal training, Nutrition coaching, and guidance, physical therapy, extended classes for specialty training, community events and gatherings, helping other businesses in their community, parties, competitions, the list goes on…NextThe question you must ask yourself is: “What do I want to get out of the investment in my personal fitness path?” Then ask the next place you visit: "How can you help me reach my health and fitness goals?” (SMART Goals)“What is a personalized, focused plan tailored for me, worth?” “What is the cost of not doing anything?” Read the article “Fitness Economics”Steve G[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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