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About Coach

I went to college to be a Math and Computer Science major and started my career working in IT. Fitness was always part of my life but it was a small piece. It was something I crammed in at 4:30 AM before going to work. When I got pregnant with my son, I started having major second thoughts about returning to my IT job. With the support of my family, I pursued my first Personal Training certification and made a sharp career shift. Working with clients and helping them take the reins on their health fulfilled me in ways that my IT job didn't. I pursued my fitness career even harder and never looked back.

Turning Point

Over time, I went from working in a gym to a personal training studio to completely branching out on my own with 1 on 1s and small groups. My own workouts started to suffer and I found myself wanting/needing a Coach. My husband and I tried CrossFit and in a very short amount of time, I realized that it had all the elements that I was missing. The Community aspect was amazing and the opportunity to fine-tune and learn new skills was endless. Shortly after joining, we had the opportunity to purchase that gym and the rest is history!

Motivation & Passion

Even since I can remember, I have wanted to help people. Coaching gives me the perfect vehicle to do that. It's hard to explain the feeling I get when I see someone gain confidence, conquer a skill or give a workout their absolute all. It's indescribable but it lets me know that I am exactly where I should be. I understand the responsibility I have to anyone that entrusts their health to me and I welcome every opportunity to help someone better their health physically and emotionally!

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