We Miss You!

February 15, 2023
We Miss You!

To say that we miss all of you would be an understatement! We miss interacting with you face to face, watching you nail a skill you've been working on, PR a lift, joking around with you, being able to hug you in celebration and the list goes on. While we miss these things, we wouldn’t trade all the communication we’ve had and all the things we’re learning about you through this process.

For example, now we know that we have a potter, a painter, a tik tok enthusiast, homeschoolers, hikers, someone who does archery, someone who is learning how to play the guitar, someone who crochets, lots of gardeners, landscapers, excellent cooks, creative builders, and so much more. Aside from all these talents, we also discovered that you are all true warriors! You have adapted and continue to adapt. Some of you really struggled with motivation at first but then you found it within yourselves to do things you never entertained doing, like working out at home.

Some of you go through bouts of motivation followed by periods of feeling unmotivated. Regardless, you all dig deep and you press on! We are ridiculously proud of you and your commitment to your health. We hope you recognize this too and are equally proud of yourselves! Take a moment to reflect on all that you have overcome and continue to overcome during this circumstance and if you feel so inclined, email us or comment with your answer.

Strength In Community!
- Denise

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