Nate Goldman

February 15, 2023
Nate Goldman

Before CrossFit I felt that I was not necessarily out of shape, but overall was not happy with how I looked. After a long winter and a 2 year old that kept us inside and just eating, I knew I needed to change something. I was always one of those weight room guys. I would go to the gym, take a warm up mile on the treadmill I would walk around the room and lift some stuff. I knew the only way would be some structure and direction. Overall, my goals would be to get in a position where I was comfortable looking in the mirror, and in my clothes, and to be able to play with my kids either outside or on the floor without breathing hard or struggling to get down or back up again. While my achievements have been many over my time in CrossFit, the most significant is getting myself in a constant routine that makes fitness a significant part of my life and allows me to enjoy food the way I do and being confident in my skin. I am most proud of the way that I have learned the movements and body position through the movements. Having good form has allowed me to move more weight than I ever did before, but also to have the mobility and skills to perform the other CrossFit things like bar muscle ups. My favorite part of the Aero Health and Fitness experience is the community. Not only for the familiarity of the members to hold you accountable to be there, but the friendly competition that naturally comes as you find classmates of similar fitness as you. This is even more exemplified with the scalability of movements o even let you complete across fitness levels. Even more so from the community we have met no less than 5 families with similar aged kids and similar personality that we have turned into very good friends even outside the gym. Overall though, the best part is the owners and coaches that truly take our individual goals, fitness, progress and everything else as their own.

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