Health is Wealth

Steve Grant
February 15, 2023
Health is Wealth

We all have a definition of what wealth looks like. But do you ever consider your level of health as a barometer to wealth? Probably not, we are always focused on the outward “things”, assets, money, belongings… But what if you have all these “things” but you are not able to enjoy them? How wealthy are you then…. What would it matter, you can’t enjoy them or even do anything with your things….“Health” what does it really mean? Well, it really depends on your own frame of reference, so this can be a very subjective question. I’ll clear it up for everyone.To be healthy is our body’s ability to heal itself, capable of human movement without the need for external assistance, whether it be a pill or a cane. We sleep well, our body is free of dis-ease, and when we do find ourselves in a state of dis-ease, we can recover in a reasonable timeframe and become stronger as a result. What role does Medicine play?It is important to understand that “medicine” is not bad per se, just as a cast for a broken arm is not bad. They have their place, giving the body the opportunity to heal. The broken bone will heal naturally without any other assistance unless you are in an unhealthy state. The medicines used for lifestyle dis-eases should be used the same way, as a temporary fix until the body is healed. You are ResponsibleThe big difference is you are responsible for fixing your lifestyle to improve your body’s ability to function properly, as it once did. Many take the medicine with the convoluted idea that the problem no longer exists, therefore they change nothing. “Quick Fix” This will inevitably lead to other problems, which in turn will be masked with more medicine, therefore perpetuating the underlying problems. Making you more unhealthy and in a state of constant “dis-ease”.You have become poor, and a slave. No longer free to enjoy your outward wealth.One DecisionAsk yourself, are my habits bringing me closer to wealth? If not, that’s ok. Make a single decision today that will bring you a step closer to ultimate wealth.- Steve G

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